7 Important Lessons I’ve learned this year

2017, was indeed a great, blessed and wonderful year for me. It was a year of discovery, taking chances, risks, opportunities…

Here’s the 7 important lessons I’ve learned this year :

1. Moving on

After a rough and full of heartbreaks back in 2016, this 2017 has taught me that moving on is actually a beautiful gift to yourself and that moving on will bring you to places that you have never been before.

2.  Believing in yourself

Believing in myself that I am capable to achieve my dreams with the help of God of course. I used to go with the flow and listen to the people around me, but this year I wanted to listen and to believe in myself. I believed in myself that I can do it. And so I did.  

3. Conquering fear

I hate hospitals. I’ve been in and out for the last months of this year for some health issues. I hate blood tests, scans and everything in the hospital, but I had to do it all. And then I realized that I can do all things through Christ, that He has already healed me and that His perfect love casts out all fear.

4. God’s timing

This year, I completely understand and want to apply this verse to my future plans. Maybe God still wants me to learn and grow first before giving it to me.

5. Letting God be God

Letting God be God, to take full control of your feelings and emotions. Yun na yun.

6. Change is good

In all aspects, in every way, change is good. Embracing and discovering every changes that happens and will happen is a good experience. For me it will have to be so many things like, changing hairstyles every month, moving to another country, changing my routine etc.

7. It’s never too late to start again

Lastly, it’s never too late to start again, to start a fresh new year. It’s cliché, but this coming 2018 I can’t wait to learn more things. To start a new routine. To discover and experience new things. Have new friends. Travel to countries I’ve never been before. And of course, graduate!




  1. Donna Miller

    I love how you can see all the positive that you gleaned from this past year. Praying for you to have an awesome year in 2018! 🙂

  2. Adjhelyn Buan

    Good job sandrine😘
    Same as you,i have learned a lot last year.there’s a lot of things to be thank of,with the help of god impossible can be possible😊

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