Be ready to be “The One”

Let me start by saying this. Men pursue, Ladies Wait.

Message to the ladies,

Girl, you need to chill and relax. Stop looking for your knight in shining armor when you’re not meant to be with a knight but a prince. The man that God has prepared for you is still being mold by the Potter’s Hand.

And while you wait, you need to enjoy this season of singleness. It is a beautiful gift from God. This is your time to have your deep intimate relationship with Jesus, and He wants to hide you for now. We have a jealous God and He doesn’t want to share His precious time with you with someone.

Right now, He just wants you to : 


1. Deep and intimate relationship with God

You can’t be ready to be in a relationship with someone if you don’t have a relationship with God first. He has clearly mentioned it to us in : Matthew 6:33.

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2. Completeness

As a person, you need to be complete. What I mean by this is create this identity, this person that you’ve always wanted to be. Achieve all your dreams first. It may be finishing your studies first, a world tour, loving yourself…

You can’t love someone else back completely if you don’t love yourself first : Matthew 22:37-39

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3. Quality time

If you want to be ready to be the one, you must have a lot of quality time with your family first and your best friends. Once you commit yourself to a person, your priorities won’t be the same anymore.

So, have a lot of quality time with your loved ones so one day you won’t have to tell yourself “I should’ve spent more time with my parents/family/friends…”


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4. Independent

I am sorry but you ain’t ready to be in a relationship, if you can’t even do your bed in the morning, cook for yourself or do your laundry. This also means, being financially stable. Please, don’t ask your parents money so that you can go out on a date.

Take note, you must be dependent on God at all times, what I mean by being independent is that you can take care of yourself fully without the help of the others.

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Don’t get me wrong guys, there is nothing wrong about thinking and praying for “The One” that God has prepared for you, but before anything else, God wants you to focus on Him first and on yourself. I believe that God will send you the man that you need at the right time and at the right place.

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  1. katcaldwell

    A good friend of mine always says the same thing to her ladies. “You want the perfect man, but when you find him, will he want you the way you are?”
    IN all instances we should work on ourselves first!

  2. Kimberly Susanne

    I have always believed that we can’t love someone else fully until we love ourselves, great point! So many of us think if we have a companion we will be happy, but we must be happy on our own first!

  3. Ashleigh Rich

    I think you’re right that while you’re waiting for a spouse, you should do everything you can to make yourself ready. However, I think we should always be careful not send the message that if you haven’t found your spouse yet, that means you aren’t ready or you have something big you need to work on. It can be easy to go from, “I should use my time wisely and get ready” to “If I’m not ‘ready’ God will never bring me a spouse.” It’s easy to start thinking you need to “earn” a relationship. That’s a lie I believed for a long time. God doesn’t wait for us to reach some spiritual or emotional maturity level before He brings a spouse into our lives. He brings us a spouse when it’s in His timing. It’s not really based on us. I know plenty of single people who are more mature in some areas than I am, even though I’m married. There were plenty of people who I know that got married before I did, despite the fact that didn’t seem all that mature. A relationship is a gift of God’s grace. He gives it to us freely. It’s not a reward for being ready or doing anything or reaching a certain level. I totally get what you’re saying and agree, we should use our time of singleness wisely. However, I never want others to buy into the same lie that I did, because it was pretty destructive to my relationship with God for awhile.

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