1st step: Start today, start now

In every aspect of your life, if you want to achieve something you gotta start now. Decluttering is not just about getting rid of stuff, but it’s also like another method of detox for your life.

Start with baby steps, don’t throw everything yet. Minimalism is not about who let’s go more, it takes time, courage and it’s a mindset.

Here are the questions three questions you’ll have to ask yourself

CLOSET (clothes, shoes, accessories…)

  • “How valuable is this to me?” if it is, keep it.
  • “When did I last wear this?” if it’s more than a year, give it or throw it.
  • “Does it make me look good?” if it does, keep it.

FILES (certificate, contracts, receipts, bank statement…)

  •  This can be tricky I know. But my mom has so many files and I don’t know she does it. What I recommended to her is to declutter a little by little :
  • Keep what is really important and most of all the original copies.
  • Files that can be kept digitally, do it.


  •  “Is it valuable to me?” if it, keep it for now.
  • “Do I keep it because it’s a gift from someone and I just can’t throw it away” well, if you don’t like it give it away. Your friend or the person who gave you that gift wanted to make you happy for maybe some occasion, but my point is they wanted you to be happy so if it’s just at the bottom of your cupboard, might as well give it to someone who needs and make that person happy. 

That’s it for now. Slowly but surely.

Baby steps still move you forward.


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