How To Pack Light For a 3 day trip

The Weather

Whether it is a weekend get away or a business trip, this is the first thing all voyageurs must do. Check the weather of the city they are planning to go, so you’ll know what kind of clothes and shoes to bring.

The Essentials

These are the items that you shouldn’t forget, it won’t matter to you if you forget to bring a blazer because you can always buy one, but your passport? I don’t think so…

1. Passport + Ticket


2. Wallet + Cash (local currency)

3. SmartPhone + Charger + Power Bank


Depends if your a male or female, but here’s a quick list for toiletries, basically all you need to maintain a good hygiene and look fresh!

Just a tip: If you’re going to stay at a hotel that provides at least the body wash, lotion, shampoo, towels etc. it is unnecessary to bring yours, you will have more room to your carry on bag!

      • Toothbrush/toothpaste
      • Hairbrush + Comb
      • Perfume
      • Cleanser (Makeup remover)
      • Moisturiser
      • Hair Ties
      • Bobby Pins
      • Razor
      • Nail file
      • Plasters
      • Pain relief
      • Lipbalm
      • Makeup
      • Shampoo
      • Soap
      • Feminine hygiene products
      • (+ small kit first aid)


    This is a bit tricky, it all depends on you if you want to bring your big DSLR and all your Vlogging gadgets or simply use your smartphone for all your leisure.

    Here’s a list :

        • Charger (of all your devices)
        • Computer
        • Tablet/iPad
        • Headphones
        • Notebook + Pen

    The OOTDs

    Now that you’ve checked the weather, put your essentials in your bag, it’s time to prepare your outfits for each day will help you save time.

    Here’s some advice :

        • Simply basics.
        • Neutral colors.
        • Clothes that can be worn multiple ways.
        • Comfortable shoes.
        • (Depending on why you’re traveling, always prepare a formal outfit, just in case)

    Handwritten Bon Voyage


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