45 Real Reasons to be Happy

  1. You are breathing,

“While you wake up today someone is taking their last breath” – Unknown.

2. Food. Like. Obviously.

3. Your family.

4. Your Friends.

5. All types of shopping. (Black Friday, Winter Sale, Summer Sale, Promos etc.)

6.  Naps. Massage. #MeTime

7. Manicure. Pedicure. #MeTime

8. New haircut. Haircolor.  #MeTime

9. Traveling, even if it’s just crossing the border of the country next to us.

10. Babies.

11. Puppies.

12. Netflix & Chill.

13. Seeing someone happy.

14. Your crush liking your picture.

15. Getting out of your comfort zone.

16. Learning a new thing.

17. Listening to your favorite music.

18. Go to your favorite spot, park, mall, coffee shop.

19. Coffee.

20. Tea.

21. Being grateful.

22. Remembering an old memory in your childhood.

23. Smell your favorite perfume or something.

24. Think about all your blessings.

25. Even the blessings that you cannot see.

26. Think about the last you laugh so hard that you almost peed yourself.

27. You go to school, while 70 million children doesn’t get education. (Reference)

28. You have a job, if not read me

29. You have a rooftop above you.

30. You have a bed to sleep on.

31. You are not alone.

32. Wear your favorite sweater.

33. Your favorite dress.

34. Let’s get deep.

35. Jesus should be your source of happiness, joy, strength.

36.  Jesus gave you an eternal life. John 3:16

37. Jesus forgave you. Colossians 3:13

38. He died for you. Romans 5:8

39. He has set you free. Galatians 5:1

40. He promised you a beautiful life. Jeremiah 29:11

41. He’s going to wipe your tears. Revelation 2:14

42. He provides all your needs. Philippians 4:19

43. He is your friend. John 15:15

44. He has an unending grace and mercy for you. Romans 5:21

45. He loves you unconditionally. Jeremiah 31:3



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