San Francisco in 12 hours

10:00 a.m – Palace of Fine Arts

To be honest, there is not much to do here than to appreciate the beauty of the architecture. Great spot to stop and to take nice pictures, especially if you come in early morning and it also has parking so it’s easy to stop by. The best place to take a photo is across the lake so you can take in the entirety of the dome structure.

11:00 a.m – Golden Gate Bridge

You wouldn’t visit San Francisco without going to the Golden Gate Bridge, right?

You can rent bikes and cross the bridge, to be honest, it is worth seeing because it is the landmark of San Francisco, but it’s just a bridge. So you can either stay for an hour to fully appreciate the view, but you can also stay for just 15 mins as well, and move on to the next spot. There’s also a parking so it’ll also be easier to park and stop by.

11:30 a.m – Crooked Road + Cable Cars

Go to the top of the Crooked Road, and from there you can take a picture of the passing cable cars, and from there you can take your car or take the stairs down and appreciate the crooked road.

12:00 p.m – Lunch Time (other post)

14:00 p.m – Painted Ladies

Right after lunch, stop by at the famous beautiful Victorian houses. Which is also a landmark of San Francisco. You can hang out and chill at the park in front of the Painted Ladies.

15:00 p.m – Pier 39

Great views and lots of moored boats. You even get a great, clear view of Alcatraz Island. There’s a lot of things to see at the Pier 39 it is a tourist stop and has a little bit of everything for everyone. You can also have a break, grab a drink and appreciate the city itself.

17:00 p.m – Lands End

Stunning panoramic views. Very peaceful and tranquil. Could sit and relax here for hours. Perfect for walkers or readers. Parking is also free.

18:30 – 20:00 p.m – Dinner Time (other post)

22:00 : Twin Peaks

Perfect spot to see the skyline of San Francisco at night, has a free parking. Be careful, the weather can be chilly at times.

Quick VLOG – San Francisco : 


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